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Welcome to the Powder Room

         Ladies, you know about the powder room. It's the place where we engage in girl talk and strategize with our closest friends. If we need advice while we are out on a date, or need a friend to run interference...we might go to the powder room to make a quick call to a confidant. Even complete strangers, often bond during the initial thirty seconds in the powder room, about anything from hair and fashion tips, to relationship woes, and everything in between.

        In this powder room, we are taking "status updates" to the next level! If you have something on your mind, we will talk about it in our candid discussions. Need an unbiased opinion? Post your thoughts and get responses from women all over the world, from various walks of life. Need some advice? Send an email to our online advice column
"Ask T.B." , which is hosted by author Tamieka Briscoe.
        Gentlemen, have you ever been on a double date, and the two women leave the table to go "powder their noses?" While, a little refreshing might be necessary, we are ultimately excusing ourselves to have a private conversation about you! Ever wonder what we are really thinking? Well, this elite chat room is open to you men as well, to offer you a peek inside the minds of women, in hopes that one day you just might get us! Do you think you can handle it? Post your thoughts and stories, we love to hear from you too!
 By the way gents...if you need some advice, you can also ask T.B.    

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